Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook Browser RockMelt Beta !!!

RockMelt has announced itself to the world with an official blog entry declaring that “the rumors are true” regarding the company’s social browser. The company’s application purports to be available in beta format.

To grab a copy of it, go to the RockMelt home page and click on the Facebook Connect button. After you give permission to access your data, you see a page saying that you’ll receive an email invitation to begin using the application. Then you’re encouraged to watch a video about RockMelt, which we’ve pasted in below.
Call me a nitpicker for asking, but why does RockMelt say the beta is available today and then not let me use it right away? I mean, are would-be users being screened first? Is the application doing some kind of preliminary web search with my email address and loading social data about my connections before I ever log on to the new tool?
People certainly have high expectations for RockMelt, which has been under development for two years. The company’s major investor is former Netscape Chief Executive Officer and founder Marc Andreessen, and the Principal Engineer for Netscape Navigator, Robert John Churchill, acts in that capacity for RockMelt too.
The company’s blog states that the technology leverages cloud computing to come up with search results based on social connections. The blog also states that RockMelt promises to deliver faster search results than other browsers already available. That’s a nice claim, but until we can get our mitts on the actual beta, how are we supposed to believe this will really be the fastest? Of course, the involvement of the original browser pioneers, Andreesen and Churchill, do make one want to believe that this new browser will blow away all others.