Friday, January 7, 2011

History and Fact about Mona Lisa!!!!

The Mona Lisa is possibly the most famous painting.  Known by many because of the model represented, it is shrouded in mystery.  Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in a span of nearly 16 years during the Italian Renaissance, the portrait appears to ask questions of the viewer.  Long debated is the question as to who Da Vinci was painting.
mona lisa paintingOne of the first theories is that the Mona Lisa portrait is actually a self portrait of Da Vinci.  Using talent and skill, DaVinci simply applied the necessary qualities to depict a female as opposed to his male self.  For a time this idea was embraced by many and comparisons were made between his features as those of the Mona Lisa.  Most recently this theory has since been considered to be false and replaced by several others.
To study the portrait one can see the similarities between the Mona Lisa and DaVinci’s self portrait.  Theorists who have since denied that the people depicted are one and the same point to the conclusion that DaVinci was responsible for both his self portrait and the Mona Lisa.  Therefore, the similarities would be apparent as artists tend to present signature qualities in their work regardless of the subject.
Many historians have pointed to numerous possible individuals who DaVinci could have painted.  These include those subjects closest to him such as his mother or grandmother.  In addition, DaVinci could have painted a random individual that presented some quality he wanted to capture.  In this instance the subject could possibly remain nameless forever.

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